Crest Pumpkin 2016

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Join us in the garden at Crest Saturday, Oct. 24th for some fall fun.


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The ballots for the 4th Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest are printed and ready to be chopped. What category will you compete in? We have “A for Effort”… By far the most loved and hated category. But the point is even if you’re no carving pro there could be a prize waiting for you. The “Most Creative” category. This category is for best or most unique use of the pumpkin, its parts or accessorizing it.  And for all the super skilled carvers out there, the infamous “Best In Show” category.

This year we have a special category sponsored by NYC Footy. If you carve a soccer themed pumpkin you can win a gift card to NYC Footy to play a full season of co-ed soccer for FREE!


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The 4th Annual Crest Arts Pumpkin Carving Contest is here! October 19th to be exact!

Come join us in the garden at Crest Hardware for a night food, drinks, music and pumpkins of course.


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Well… Markowitz said, “The best thing that happen 50 years ago was the birth of Crest Hardare.” And we’re not going to disagree, but it’s now actually 51 years ago now, just saying. Catch Marty giving us major props in this video featuring highlights form Crest Fest 2012 at the minute 1:20 mark.

This years Crest Fest will take place on June, 8th from 1-8pm at 558 Metropolitan Ave. Can’t wait to see you there!


Shout out to Minimaldose500mg for making the video.



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Great write up in Société Perrier about the multitalented and dear friend to Crest Arts… Steve Harrington of Brooklyn Street Art. What Steve and his partner in crime Jaime Rojo bring to the street art world is immeasurable. From the art, to the artist, to the viewer, to the culture as a whole… They have left a beautiful and indelible tag that won’t soon be forgotten. Big Ups!!!!

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 12.17.22 AM

Don’t forget to “LIKE” them on Facebook!

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We are looking for volunteers to help out at Crest Fest 2013 which will take place June 8th. There are multiple opportunities and time slots available so there is something for everyone! If you are interested in signing up to help out please contact Jeremiah at

Crest Fest & the Crest Hardware Art Show are both 100% volunteer run. All bands, DJs and staff volunteer their time as a means to give back to the community for this civic minded event. Without the community support this event would not be possible. So to those who volunteer & who have in the past we THANK YOU! -The Crest Arts Team

volunteer web banner-01


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The 2013 CHAS Call To Artists is officially out & we are currently taking applicants. We cant wait to see what amazing things everyone comes up with this year. To view the rules & regulations and download the submission form click HERE  

Please feel free to share the Call To Artists!

call to artists 2013-01

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HUGE shouts to John Leo, one of the Fountain Art Fair founders for another job well done…. Crest Hardware & Urban Garden Center was proud to be a sponsor! And congrats to all the Crest Arts artists & past collaborators involved, Dave Tree, Nikki Schiro & the entire tART collective, Mitchell Schorr, Tono Radvany, Stephan Fowlkes, Smitty, Queen Andrea, Bernard Klevickas, Danielle Mastrion, Veng, Cake, Chris Stain, Quel Beast, Leon Reid, Keith Schweitzer and so many more! We are proud to know you & work with you! Stay creative & keep doing what you love!

Dave Tree



tART Collective




Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 1.32.05 AM


Quel Beast

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 1.32.21 AM


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Artist Dale Dunningwelds together steel hardware to create intricate masks and heads. Dale if you come accross this…. We woud LOVE to see your work in a CHAS show!

dale-81 dale-812 dale-91 dale-712dale-91dale-712

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I found this on Art Cars of Huston’s Facebook page. The grass covered cars look a lot like C.H.A.S. creator Gene Pools’ grass suit and art cars.


cool picture


Here is Gene Pools version.


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Artist Stephen Fitz-Gerald uses old scrap metal to create these amazing sculptures. Not bad for someones junk. Found his art on Colossal!



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Big shout to our main man David Shillinglaw for his work with Wide Open Walls in Gambia… “1000 cans of paint. 8 artists. 2 weeks.” Let’s not forget the contributions and artwork of another friend of the Crest Arts fam, ROA, who was there as well… How did we not see this earlier? Regardless… Pretty solid stuff gents!

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These sponsors help make Crest Fest and CHAS possible, and for that the Crest Arts team thanks them!

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The vendors will be open during Crest Fest from 1:00 pm – 7:00 pm on June 30th. The main entrance to the vendor market is located at 536 Metropolitan Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11211. To visit the Vendor websites find their links here… “VENDORS

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Big ups to Kerri & Good Wood NYC for these awesome pins for #crestfest!!! This is also the first taste of the BRAND NEW design HAZE created for the tshirts & tote bags that will be on sale this year! See you guys on June 30th!!!!!

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A different kind of “hardware art” by the amazing Theo Kamecke.

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This is exactly what the Crest Hardware Art Show is all about. Let We Make Carpets take you away on a magic carpet ride!

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Amazing lights. I could see a few of these hanging in my dream pad.

Melting bulb. Designer: Keita Ogawa








Soft looking bulbs. Designer: Pieke Bergmans










Gallows bulb. Designer: mintpass

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Pig speakers?!?! Yes please. Found HERE

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The deadline for art submissions for the 2012 Crest Hardware Art Show has been extended!

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Crest Fest is fast approaching and we are looking for volunteers! This year Crest Fest will take place on Saturday, June 30th, 2012.

If you would like to volunteer please E-mail Jeremiah at to confirm. We look forward to seeing you all soon!


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Crest Arts is proud to announce the 2nd annual Pumpkin Carving Contest! The event will take place on October 22nd from 7 to 11 pm in the garden here at Crest. The store will be closed so everyone must enter through the driveway at 536 Metropolitan Ave. ADMISSION IS FREE!!! But its $5.00 a pumpkin to enter the contest. See you on the 22nd!

For the official rules of the contest click HERE

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Montana tall boy 600 ml cans now in stock! Black, white, silver chrome and gold chrome. Come and get em!

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Michael Pearce took these great photos of The Grassy Lot Show!! To view more photos visit his Flickr page HERE!!!

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After poking fun at the Timeshare Backyard the L Magazine eates it words as the Crest Arts Grassy Lot Show is unveiled.

Read the article HERE!!!

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Brooklyn Independent Television did this awesome story on the 2011 Crest Hardware Art Show!! Check out the video by clicking HERE!!!!!

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It is with a heavy heart that we mourn the passing of a great friend, photograph…er, veteran and beloved employee, Joe Kaminski. He was most often found at the back counter of Crest. Joe served his fellow Brooklynites with knowledge, pride and a smile for 10 years. We’ll miss him dearly. For wake and funeral info, please email

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Crest Arts is proud to announce the “Grassy Lot Show” coming this Thursday at the Timeshare Backyard. It’s been a little whirlwind of activity with 15 artists putting up brand new work on the walls of this oasis on the Lower East Side for you to come visit. With Keith Schwietzer of the MaNY Project and Brooklyn Street Art helping Crest out here and there, and of course with Franklin doing lawn roomba duties, it is a bit of a community event. All it is missing is you! What are you doing Thursday?


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Much thanks goes to Keith Schweitzer of MaNY Project for his support of this Crest Arts event. Check out for more info!

Click HERE to see the video!

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This is Franklin, the famous Crest pig, giving a hand in the most recent Crest Arts project, The Grassy Lot Show. Photos were captured by Miss. Heather from 

Click HERE to see the full post on New York Shitty.


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Join us this Saturday in celebrating the end of the 10th Crest Hardware Art Show! Enjoy some good old Bomb Lager in the garden and view the art for the last time. Also last chance to purchase art. Following the closing party will the the check presentation at the City Reliquary Museum. That will be from 7-10pm.After the closing party at Crest Hardware please walk down the block and join us at the City Reliquary Museum. Crest Fest was a benefit for this great civic organization so please come have a drink, enjoy some music and stick around for a special check presentation with Reliquary President Bill Scanga. Address is 370 Metropolitan Avenue. (Next to The Commodore) Party is from 7:30 pm-10 pm. We can’t wait to see you there!

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Check out this great piece in The Gothamist that gives you a sneak peek of some of the art that will be shown in this years Crest Hardware Art Show!
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I found this great picture on The World’s Best Ever. This photo makes me believe 2 things… 1. Why everyone buys Pirates gear even tho they were name the most losing team in professional sports history last year. And before the days of A-Rod gracing the covers of gossip magazines and league wide steroid controversy…. why MLB was Americas sport. I mean just look at these guys… Of course I want to be like them.

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Here is Aakash Nihalani, another artists we love here at Crest, with some good ol’ gif magic for you. Enjoy. Click HERE for link.

Aakash will be installing an outdoor piece in the Crest Hardware Art Show this year. Can’t wait to see what he comes up with!

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We just came across these videos of Crest Fest 2010 on Vimeo. Check out this one by Obsessed Artist —- HERE —-. And check out another one by 3rd Ward —-HERE—-.

They both have some great clips of the event.

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Much love to Frank151, our publication sponsor, for Crest Fest ’11 & The C.H.A.S. blast.


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One of our favorites, Christian Guemy, talking about his art and why he does what he does. Click HERE to see the Vimeo video.

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Crest Hardware is honored to be selected by EWVIDCO as Community Leader of the Year. After 49 years in business, we pride ourselves on being an institution that our neighbors can rely on. Thanks for your support!

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In anticipation of Crest Fest ’11, C.H.A.S. is proud to collaborate with Mixtape Club in presenting, “Hello, I Like You”. Give it a watch and expect more great work like this come June 18th!

Crest Hardware Art Show Presents: “Hello, I Like You” from Crest Hardware Art Show on Vimeo.

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Crest Hardware Art Show gets a great mention in The New Yorker…. The matching illustration is awesome!!!

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Welcome to the new age of garden art… Say farewell to the cheesy flamingo or gnome that sits in front of your grandparents Florida residence and say hello to the future of garden art. C.H.A.S. definitely wants Anna Garforth and EDINA TOKODI in the next Crest Hardware Art Show.  So if any of our readers know them please tell them that were looking for them!

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To everyone out there who is just too cool to have safety reflectors on their bike… Check out Project Aura. Jonathan Ota ( and Ethan Frier ( are designing a new, and quite amazing, bicycle safety system. They are embedding LED’s into the rim of a bicycle to increase the visual presence of the rider from the side, to prevent being hit from the side; the most common bicycle accident. The entire safety system is self-powered, meaning a constant always on safety system that requires little rider input.

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Here at Crest, we’re big fans of beards… So is new orleans artist Corinne Loperfido

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Legendary artist and good friend to Crest, Haze, writes about a new mural he did for the Standard Hotel in LA, completed with paint shipped out from yours truly 😉 As always the work is clean, bold and well crafted as only Haze himself can create. To read the full article posted on 12oz Prophet click HERE.
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Sure why not! We found this spray paint can cocktail shaker on Fred Flare’s (one of our favorite local shops) online store.  This would make  a great gift or conversation piece at your next house party. We give it two thumbs up!

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Our friend Ephameron, from Belgium, was in New York recently and did a great new mural down in Coney Island. The mural was made possible by the New York organization No Longer Empty. Crest Hardware was proud to supply her with the Montana spray paint needed to get the job done!




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Just a friendly reminder that Crest Hardware is open 7 days a week (April-June only) for GARDENING SEASON! Head down to the shop to get everything  you need to turn your back yard, roof deck, balcony, fire escape or sunny corner into an urban paradise. Crest also carries a large variety of indoor plants and trees year round!




Monday-Saturday 8am to 7pm
Sundays 11am to 4pm


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Have you viewed the  CALL TO ARTISTS? The Crest Hardware Art Show is now accepting submissions for the 2011 show. As always, submitted work must be about, made with or inspired by hardware. Entries that do no pertain to the theme will not be accepted into the show!

Visit our Flicker page to view works of art from previous years to get a grasp on the theme and to get inspired!

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To all of our  C.H.A.S. artists who are busy working on their pieces for the art show…. REMEMBER!!! Crest Hardware is a proud supplier of Montana spray paint. We carry a wide variety of colors in Montana Gold and Montana Black, as well as Montana Caps.

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We love these “BBQ Tools”. They are sure to complete any handyman’s backyard throw down. Click HERE to get your kit!

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Crest Fest named one of the best free events to check out this summer by Time Out NY! Click HERE to see the article.

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Exciting news!!!! The date for Crest Fest 2011 will be
Saturday, June 18th!!!!!

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We are very excited for the 3rd annual Crest Fest, which plans to be the best one yet! We are proud to say this year’s proceeds will support  THE CITY RELIQUARY MUSEUM located on Metropolitan Ave here in Williamsburg. To find out more about this great organization please visit their website at


Check out the mixed stomp motion live action short film by Keap Hope for Crest Fest!

Steps Home from Keap Hope on Vimeo.

Become A Fan!

Please become a friend of C.H.A.S on Facebook and get the latest information and updates on the art show and Crest Fest!

We are proud to announce our Crest Fest Vendors!

Hello everyone! We are very proud and excited to announce this year’s Crest Fest vendors. This is an amazing collection of people who will be selling their goods from 12:00pm – 7:00pm.

Food Vendors
Calexico will be out with the cart serving up the best burritos you have ever had. Congrats on getting Time Out New York’s Reader’s Choice Award for the Best New Mexican Restaurant.
The Meat Hook will be manning the grill, giving their take on American BBQ. Word on the street is they are bringing a 10ft smoker. Mmmmmm!
Bullfrog Eats will have their amazing organic baked goods.
Brooklyn Onigiri Company serves delicious Japanese rice balls in an array of flavors.
Empanadas ¡dpm! will be there with the tastiest Argentinian empanadas in NYC.

Arts/Craft/Gift Vendors
Florence Gidez
Llama Llama
My Needle Habit
Fantasy Clocks
It’s A Stitch
Allison Corrie
Jen McCleary
Fred Flare
Nouveaux Designs

Jewelry Vendors
Hecho en Brooklyn
Old Hollywood
Good Wood
Erika Dray Designs
Doll Up Jewerly

Clothing Vendors
Dishonest T

PLUS there will be a community/kids activity table provided by North Brooklyn Vineyard


I’m writing with a Vending Opportunity for you – and this one will take place outdoors and in the sun! We are preparing for our annual art & culture festival! Crest Fest brings the community together with art, hardware, food, drinks, live music and local vendors. The festival takes place 558 Metropolitan Ave. (between Loimer and Union) Brooklyn, NY 11211.
We thought this was a great chance for you to share your wares with hundreds of people in the heart of Williamsburg. There are 25 8ft tables available, offering up to a total of 50 vendor spaces. The cost of participating is $70.00 for an 8ft table with two chairs or you may purchase a half table space (shared table space) for $35.00. If your product needs shade there is a limited amount of covered tables space available for an additional charge of $10.00.
To apply please submit the following information to
– Email with Subject “Your Name: Crest Fest Vendor”
– Business Name & Website (or link to products)
– Phone Number
– Brief description of your products and pricing
For more information on the event please visit:


We have extended the date for art entries to Friday, June 4th. So if you would like to have art in the show please hurry up and bring your piece by Crest Hardware with the entry from, or e mail the entry form with a photo of it to Please put “ART SUBMISSION” in the subject line of the e-mail. To download the entry from visit the CALL TO ARTISTS page on this website.

Great News

Mike Graves will be painting limited edition Belvedere bottles live at Crest Fest. Here’s one example of a bag he did from last year… Please check out his website for more of his work


The official date for Crest Fest 2010 and opening day of Crest Hardware Art Show will be June 19th! Stay tuned for more updated..


Crest Hardware Art Show is now calling on artists to submit art for the 2010 show!
Please see the “Call To Artists” page on this website for a complete list of rules, regulations, dates, and the official entry form.
Thank you! And we look forward to seeing your work!

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